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"All About Sewage" has the solution

AAS is ready to deliver and install Eloy Water wastewater treatment systems wherever they are needed.

A Canterbury business specialising in wastewater treatment has taken an upfront approach. AAS is an offshoot of GK's Contracting, which has been operating for more than 12 years. The GK's team, managed by Vaughan Ratahi, specialises in tank installation and has a unit set up for doing dripline installation.

AAS was established specifically to install and maintain Eloy Water treatment systems and handle the necessary regulatory consents.

With strict legislation governing water quality, the demand for a comprehensive approach to treatment is increasing, and the team of three at AAS is meeting the challenge. This family-based company treats every site as its own and knows that to be successful, customers have to have :

  1. the correct system for the site;
  2. the correct installation;
  3. the correct servicing.

AAS is proud to be a supplier and installer of Eloy Water products which are suitable for a single household to medium-sized communities, integrating the latest technology for sustainable solutions.