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Solutions for commercial projects

Are you looking for a system to treat sewage on your project and would like some advice? Eloy Water can help you!

Eloy Water designs sewage treatment solutions for small communities and/or commercial venues. Eloy Water is actively involved in a broad range of activities (camping grounds, hotels, restaurant, golf, school, etc.) to ensure their subsequent sewage discharge represents no danger to the environment or public health.


Eloy Water offers sewage treatment solutions for small to medium size communities, equivalent to 4,000 inhabitants. We offer an integrated solution adapted to the specific requirements of your project.  Eloy Water engineers design the best treatment solution, manufactured in our state of the art facilities and provide essential support by trained installation and maintenance partners.  An interactive approach to managing of each these essential components, guarantee quality, safety and efficiency to our clients.


The specialized and professional resources of Eloy Water allows "turnkey" sewage treatment solutions for communities and commercial applications. These specific market challenges are met by Eloy Water, while respecting your budget (investment, reliability and operating cost).


  • Innovation and performance
  • Budget sensitive
  • Plug and Play solutions adapted to the specific project
  • Aesthetically appealing with discreet visual impact
  • Simple and well proven treatment solutions
  • Minimal operation and maintenance requirements